Stack Spool Configuration or “Layered Configuration”

The Layered Configuration is a group of small straight or spiral configurations contained on one reel, spooled on top of each other in the order they need to be pulled by the contractor and separated by a layer of plastic, paper, or other dividing material that protects the cables below.

  1. Layered configuration bundles can be in various lengths, with various gauges, wire types.
  2. Used to manage the “flow” of the job site, the layered configuration reduces the number of reels needed on a job. Especially useful when pulling conduit in areas with space limitations and little storage room.
  3. Saves the contractor time and money as three bundles are organized in the order of install with the first to be pulled, to the last one pulled. Which allows the contractor to move from pull to pull without having to bring in another reel of material.
  4. All the advantages of a spiral or straight configuration, plus simplifies the material management at the job site.

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Save Time & Money, Save On Wire And Labor with One-Pull!

Price Comparison Example

Job: 55 Conductors/685ft Pull
Pulling 55 Singles One-Pull 55/C Cable
Wire/Qty $78/MFT $2,938.65 @ 37,675 ft $4,738.75 @ 37,675 ft
Estimated/Average Labor Rate $75/hr $75/hr
Measure/Order 4hrs 4hrs
Setup/Tag/Pull 220 hrs 48.4 hrs
Ring out 5.5 hrs 0
Terminate 4.4 hrs 4.6 hrs
Total Labor 233.9 hrs 57.0 hrs
Quantity of Reels to Setup 55 reels 1 reel
Balance of Material 18 x 455 ft, 1 x 1,815 ft* 0
TOTAL COST $20,481.15 $9,012.50
Savings of $11,468.65 (Over 50%)


* Job requires 37,675 ft of wire, but customer must purchase 47,500 ft of wire to complete the job. Almost 10,000 ft more than needed!
19 spools @ 2,500 ft are required to get 55 cuts at 685 ft each which leaves 18 x 445 ft short pieces and 1 x 1,815 ft
The 9,825 ft of excess wire requires the contractor to pay an additional $766.35 for wire they must store, tying up cashflow or recycle.