Wire Marking

Another value added service provided by One-Pull Solutions is wire marking. Whether it be alpha numeric print, striping.


Alpha-numeric characters, symbols, words, and sentences printed on wire

  1. Print available in black or high contrast bright yellow
  2. Printed every 1 to 6 inches
  3. Print is machine applied by ink jet printers that apply a durable near permanent ink.
  4. Conductor Coding , technical print, standard numbering, custom branding or completely customized to the job.
  5. Print is offered on most wire, except Teflon and similar types that the ink cannot adhere.


Designed to quickly identify conductors, striping differentiate the same color conductors quickly through a visual inspection.

  1. Striping is available in multiple colors, and can be made to existing color codes, such as E1, E2, K1, K2, etc.
  2. Stripe may be applied as a linear tracer running parallel to the wire, or
  3. Stripe may be applied in a spiral tracer stripe that wraps around the conductor as it runs along the length of the wire.

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Save Time & Money, Save On Wire And Labor with One-Pull!

Price Comparison Example

Job: 55 Conductors/685ft Pull
Pulling 55 Singles One-Pull 55/C Cable
Wire/Qty $78/MFT $2,938.65 @ 37,675 ft $4,738.75 @ 37,675 ft
Estimated/Average Labor Rate $75/hr $75/hr
Measure/Order 4hrs 4hrs
Setup/Tag/Pull 220 hrs 48.4 hrs
Ring out 5.5 hrs 0
Terminate 4.4 hrs 4.6 hrs
Total Labor 233.9 hrs 57.0 hrs
Quantity of Reels to Setup 55 reels 1 reel
Balance of Material 18 x 455 ft, 1 x 1,815 ft* 0
TOTAL COST $20,481.15 $9,012.50
Savings of $11,468.65 (Over 50%)


* Job requires 37,675 ft of wire, but customer must purchase 47,500 ft of wire to complete the job. Almost 10,000 ft more than needed!
19 spools @ 2,500 ft are required to get 55 cuts at 685 ft each which leaves 18 x 445 ft short pieces and 1 x 1,815 ft
The 9,825 ft of excess wire requires the contractor to pay an additional $766.35 for wire they must store, tying up cashflow or recycle.