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One-Pull Wire and Cable Solutions is a customer-centric marked and bundled cable manufacturer. Our short lead-times, highly responsive customer service (quotes come back same-day), and flexible operations make One-Pull the go-to for your wire bundling projects.

Our cable bundling solutions are a value added service. Among its benefits are:  

  • Saving costs on labor (up to 40%) by reducing time spent on job site for setup, installation, and cleanup
  • Custom labeling on individual conductors every 6”-8”
  • Lead times under 7 days
  • Minimizes wire waste on the job (all lengths are custom) and excess inventory
  • Straight, staggered, breakout, and stack spool configurations
  • Harness styles such as spiral, double cross wrap, pull tabs, and straight parallel   
  • UL Listed

Bundled wire products have a host of applications for electrical contractors in commercial construction including solar farms, data centers, fire alarm systems, and power plants (to name a few).

Please reach out to sales@onepull.com or call 1-833-663-7855 if you would like to schedule a lunch and learn, receive a quote, or have any questions for our team.

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