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Save on costs with marked and bundled cable



Pulling 55 Singles One-Pull 55/C Cable
Wire/Qty $78/MFT $2,938.65 @ 37,675 ft $4,738.75 @ 37,675 ft
Estimated/Average Labor Rate $75/hr $75/hr
Measure/Order 4hrs 4hrs
Setup/Tag/Pull 220 hrs 48.4 hrs
Ring out 5.5 hrs 0
Terminate 4.4 hrs 4.6 hrs
Total Labor 233.9 hrs 57.0 hrs
Quantity of Reels to Setup 55 reels 1 reel
Balance of Material 18 x 455 ft, 1 x 1,815 ft* 0
TOTAL COST $20,481.15 $9,012.50
Savings of $11,468.65 (Over 50%)

Job requires 37,675 ft of wire, but customer must purchase 47,500 ft of wire to complete the job. Almost 10,000 ft more than needed! 19 spools @ 2,500 ft are required to get 55 cuts at 685 ft each which leaves 18 x 445 ft short pieces and 1 x 1,815 ft The 9,825 ft of excess wire requires the contractor to pay an additional $766.35 for wire they must store, tying up cashflow or recycle.

  • Results in a 40%+ time savings in conduit and tray installations 
  • Custom printing and marking on individual conductors 
  • Manufactured orders of over 150 plus conductors
  • Minimizes wire waste on the job (all lengths are custom) 
  • Single reel setup per homerun 
  • Reduces time spent on site setup 
  • A value-added service for electrical distributors 
  • Various applications include fire alarm systems, water treatment centers, and data cabling industries 

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