Custom Wire Printing

Custom Printing

Wire Marking

Another value added service provided by One-Pull Solutions is wire marking. Whether it be alpha numeric print, striping.


Alpha-numeric characters, symbols, words, and sentences printed on wire

  1. Print available in black or high contrast bright yellow
  2. Printed every 1 to 6 inches
  3. Print is machine applied by ink jet printers that apply a durable near permanent ink.
  4. Conductor Coding , technical print, standard numbering, custom branding or completely customized to the job.
  5. Print is offered on most wire, except Teflon and similar types that the ink cannot adhere.


Designed to quickly identify conductors, striping differentiate the same color conductors quickly through a visual inspection.

  1. Striping is available in multiple colors, and can be made to existing color codes, such as E1, E2, K1, K2, etc.
  2. Stripe may be applied as a linear tracer running parallel to the wire, or
  3. Stripe may be applied in a spiral tracer stripe that wraps around the conductor as it runs along the length of the wire.

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