One-Pull Wire Configurations for Fire Pull Installations

Easy Wire Pulling for Fire System Installations with One-Pull

When you’re running wires and cables that keep everybody in your building safe, it’s important to make sure they all get to where they need to go to keep you fire or security systems running now and running quickly. With the utilization of One-Pull solutions, you know that the proper cables and wiring will get to where they need to go and all your safety systems will be good to go!

Which Wire Configuration Works Best for Fire Pulls?

(They all work, but some make things easier for you than others)

  • One-Pull Staggered Wire Configurations can make the whole wiring process more efficient when multiple wires and cables need to get to different end destinations.
  • Consider using a pull tab harness for complex pulls, this can make breaking wires up in batches that go to different endpoints.
  • If you need large batches of wires to run long distances together, a bound harness rather than cross tab works best.

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Save Time & Money, Save On Wire And Labor with One-Pull!

Price Comparison Example

Job: 55 Conductors/685ft Pull
Pulling 55 Singles One-Pull 55/C Cable
Wire/Qty $78/MFT $2,938.65 @ 37,675 ft $4,738.75 @ 37,675 ft
Estimated/Average Labor Rate $75/hr $75/hr
Measure/Order 4hrs 4hrs
Setup/Tag/Pull 220 hrs 48.4 hrs
Ring out 5.5 hrs 0
Terminate 4.4 hrs 4.6 hrs
Total Labor 233.9 hrs 57.0 hrs
Quantity of Reels to Setup 55 reels 1 reel
Balance of Material 18 x 455 ft, 1 x 1,815 ft* 0
TOTAL COST $20,481.15 $9,012.50
Savings of $11,468.65 (Over 50%)


* Job requires 37,675 ft of wire, but customer must purchase 47,500 ft of wire to complete the job. Almost 10,000 ft more than needed!
19 spools @ 2,500 ft are required to get 55 cuts at 685 ft each which leaves 18 x 445 ft short pieces and 1 x 1,815 ft
The 9,825 ft of excess wire requires the contractor to pay an additional $766.35 for wire they must store, tying up cashflow or recycle.