Spiral Configuration Specs

Quik-Pull Spiral is the most flexible custom cable on the market. It retains its roundness and does not change proportion when pulled through 90 degrees. Spiral assembly of building/fixture wire, factory bound, UL labeled and shipped on pull-length reels. Conductors numbered approximately every 1-1/2″.

Industry Uses

  • For long pulls in conduit where all the conductors will be carried end-to-end.
  • Where minimum outside diameter and maximum flexibility are needed.
  • Where the overall assembly is to be jacketed.


Conductor Any combination of electronic, coaxial, twisted pairs, and single conductor.
Insulation As required by the conductor designation, e.g. MTW, THHN, TFFN, XHHW, plus any electronic cables, e.g. coaxial, low-voltage control, fire alarm. Specification for conductors used will be furnished on request.
Conductor ID Alpha-numeric characters, words, sentences. Standard sequential number coding. Colors, striping and other alphe-numeric coding available.
Listing UL Listed Processed Wires. E76139.
Cabling Assembled in a single bundle without layering or spiraling. Overall spiral binder thread around entire assembly only.
Binder Two flat, waxed 5040-denier nylon threads, spaced 1″ apart, are wrapped around the entire assembly in the same direction. The waxed binder adheres to the assembly, staying  in place while pulling through conduit. Alternative binding and taping are available.
Footage Sequential footage marker under outer binder thread.
Packaging No-charge, non-returnable wooden reel. Reel tag contain type, size and beginning and ending sequential footage numbers.

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