Wire Configurations

We offer Spiral, Staggered, and Straight configurations, along with Twisted Pairs. Not sure which configuration you need? Call or Email us!

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Harness Styles

We specialize in any of the multitude of different nylon harness styles, including Spiral, Cross-Laced, Pull Tabs, and Straight Parallel. We can walk you through any questions! See below for details

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One-Pull has bundling solutions for nearly all industries, including industrial, building, data/tech, solar, fire, and more. Call us for specifics!

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For pulling wire, whether conduit or tray, bundled wire is a labor-saving solution.

How We Manufacture Bundled Cable

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One-Pull Wire Configurations


For large bundles that are laid in a tray and can be pulled with the use of pulling lubricant. Conductors can be broken out at unspecified and intermediate points along their run with up to 200 conductors on pull-length reels. Customer marking / conductor identification and footage tape included.


For wiring that requires breakouts at various lengths that are bundled at both ends. Available for PV, electronic, coax, fiber optic, etc. This method is perfect anywhere exact measurements of breakout points can be specified at the time of order. Custom marking / conductor identification and footage tape included.


Perfect for a data-pull, and other installations. Custom marking / conductor identification and footage tape included.


The spiral configuration is best for a more consistent bundle and bend. It maintains roundness in almost all pulls and utilizes some lubricant. Spiral configurations are perfect for long pulls where all wires must travel along the same path. Custom marking / conductor identification and footage tape included.

Data Centers

Eliminate the clutter and complication of data transfer wiring and the movement of server cables all across buildings.

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Fire Pull

Having a well organized and easily set up wire and cable system is important when establishing a fire safety system.

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Power Pull

Keeping the lights on and the power running are two top priorities for anyone, private or commercial, the right wire solution ensures the power stays on!

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Elevator & Lift

One-Pull solutions help to wire and organize everything that keep lifts running day in and out. We take care of the order from top to bottom.

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