Our Cable Bundles

Our custom cable bundles include THHN, SIS, XHHW, Coax, CAT, and more. We also shield and jacket custom tray cable.

THHN Cable Bundles

THHN is a building wire that is typically used for signaling, control wiring, machine tools, and automation systems.It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.THHN’s jacket protects the wire as it is being pulled through conduit as well as providing protection from grease. It can be used with voltages up to 600v.

Instead of pulling a number of single THHN conductors, our machines will bundle together over a 150 plus conductors, creating prebundled THHN cable bundles. The obvious advantage of a THHN multi-conductor cable bundle is that it is a lot faster than installing each individual wire.

Our THHN wire bundles are manufactured to customer specification and length.

PV Cable Bundles

Our PV cable bundles are popular in solar farm applications. Given the layout of solar farms, premeasured, prenumbered, pre-cut staggered configuration wire bundles provide the optimal flexibility so that solar electrical contractors can get the job done quickly.

Since the insulation is UV and water resistant, PV cable bundles are suitable for both indoor and outdoor projects. They are useable up to 600 V and a 90 degree celsius wet rating. The PV wire used in our bundle configurations is resistant to oil, gas, and sunlight.

CAT5 and CAT6 Cable Bundles

Commonly used in a variety of low voltage environments, our Cat5 and Cat6 cable bundles are often used in data center installations and for telecommunication applications. It is also used in local business networks.

As everything becomes more digital and more power over the ethernet, Cat5 and Cat6 are developing more and more IT network applications.

MTW, AWM, and SIS Cable Bundles

Ideal for switchboards and panel boards, SIS wire can also be used as a substitute for XHHW-2. SIS wire bundles are used in security applications, fire alarm systems, and other types of industrial construction.

Additionally, our equipment is capable of manufacturing AWM and MTW wire bundles.

XHHW Cable Bundles

Well suited for wet conditions, XHHW wire bundles are used in an array of industrial and commercial construction applications. When it comes to wet environments, this wire type is typically preferred over THHN/THWN because the outer jacket is more durable. In particular, electrical contractors at water treatment facilities use this bundled cable product.

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