Spiral Configuration or “Twisted Configuration”

The best configuration for “Home Runs” or cables that need to be pulled long distances through wireways, raceways, conduits, and gutters, and need to maintain their flexibility, or for bundles containing large numbers of control wires.

  1. The spiral configuration is the most flexible cable option because maintains its roundness and size and does not change proportion regardless of the complexity or difficulty of the pull.
  2. Spiral configurations are perfect for long pulls where all wires must travel along the same path, or where the entire assembly needs to be armored, shielded, or jacketed together.
  3. Because the Spiral configuration maintains its flexibility and roundness under most conditions it is easier to pull long distances with less catching as it maintains its roundness, flexibility, and size ratio when bent.
  4. Where a minimum outside diameter, and maximum flexibility of multiple conductors, multiple gauges of building, control and power wire cables is needed.
  5. Conductors are individually custom marked or color coded to be easily identified and terminated at the end of the run
    • Custom print virtually any alphanumeric combination along the entire length of the conductor every 1” to 6” standard
    • Nine base colors to choose from, then add custom striping with either traced or spiral traced striping along the conductor. Including, particular color codes such as, E1, E2, K1 and K2 color-coding
  1. All conductors are contained on a single reel with a single nylon binder for ease of set up saving you time and money on the installation.
    • Saves time by facilitating your pull. Several reels are consolidated into one
    • Saves money by eliminating the labor associated with ringing cables out and marking cable in the field. The custom lengths end the costly wire scrap created by using numerous standard reels.
  2. Ideal for power, control, Industrial Automation, Construction install where multiple wires need to be pulled a long distance or around multiple corners and bends.
  3. Sequential footage marker available upon request for this assembly only
  4. No minimum run quantities, Results in no wasted scrap or excess inventory to hold ever!
  5. Everything is customized to your individual job needs! Custom lengths, custom print, striping, endless custom configurations.
  6. Can be pulled through conduit, raceways, wireways and gutters with appropriate pulling lubrication, although the spiral configuration would be recommended and better suited.

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Save Time & Money, Save On Wire And Labor with One-Pull!

Price Comparison Example

Job: 55 Conductors/685ft Pull
Pulling 55 Singles One-Pull 55/C Cable
Wire/Qty $78/MFT $2,938.65 @ 37,675 ft $4,738.75 @ 37,675 ft
Estimated/Average Labor Rate $75/hr $75/hr
Measure/Order 4hrs 4hrs
Setup/Tag/Pull 220 hrs 48.4 hrs
Ring out 5.5 hrs 0
Terminate 4.4 hrs 4.6 hrs
Total Labor 233.9 hrs 57.0 hrs
Quantity of Reels to Setup 55 reels 1 reel
Balance of Material 18 x 455 ft, 1 x 1,815 ft* 0
TOTAL COST $20,481.15 $9,012.50
Savings of $11,468.65 (Over 50%)


* Job requires 37,675 ft of wire, but customer must purchase 47,500 ft of wire to complete the job. Almost 10,000 ft more than needed!
19 spools @ 2,500 ft are required to get 55 cuts at 685 ft each which leaves 18 x 445 ft short pieces and 1 x 1,815 ft
The 9,825 ft of excess wire requires the contractor to pay an additional $766.35 for wire they must store, tying up cashflow or recycle.