Commercial Applications of Bundled THHN Wire

THHN (Thermoplastic High Heat-Resistance Nylon coated) is a cost-effective building wire that is typically used for carrying electrical currents between buildings and external power sources, signaling, control wiring, machine tools, and automation systems. Most THHN building wire comes with the dual rating THHN/THWN, meaning it is usable in both wet and dry conditions, as well as both indoor and outdoor use. It can be used with voltages up to 600v.

There is a downside to THHN wire: flexibility. THHN building wire uses a nylon jacket and relatively thin PVC insulation that improves conductivity. However, the PVC insulation combined with the nylon coating makes THHN inflexible and time-consuming to install. THHN cable bundles wire has all the benefits of THHN wire while minimizing the disadvantages of inflexibility and installation time.

Control Wiring Indoor Applications

When applied indoors, THHN is used in either a single- or multi-conductor form. Because of the inflexibility of THHN wire, many electrical contractors bundle it together to make planning and installation quicker and easier. With its 600v rating and conductive insulation, THHN building wire is usable for nearly all appliances such as hot water heaters and garbage disposals. THHN wire is water-resistant, so it can be used safely with appliances and in industrial environments.

As a control wire, we see it often used in automated conveyor belt systems, such as airport baggage claims and assembly lines.

Consider wiring a machine tool workshop. THHN wire is a cost-effective choice that resists grease, oil, heat, and other potentially damaging byproducts of machinery. But in workshop environments the placement of wires is critical to avoid interference with running machinery and human movement. Precisely installing the wiring piece-by-piece would ensure accuracy, but it would take a lot of hours. If you plan out your installation and then get your THHN building wire bundled to the workshop’s exact specifications, your installation will be just as accurate but take a fraction of the installation time.

Outdoor Applications

This resistance to substances and heat also makes THHN building wire a good choice for outdoor applications. Outdoor THHN wiring is often used by commercial buildings for lighting and connecting to external power sources. When installed outside, THHN wires must be run individually, which is time-consuming. Many electrical contractors bundle their outdoor THHN wire together with protective UFB (Underground Feeder, Direct Burial) jackets to make installation easier.

THHN wires can not be installed underground on their own. They must first be installed into a conduit, and THHN wires can be installed into a conduit without additional protection.

Think about installing the wiring for an outdoor parking lot. Each lamp post will need its own wiring connecting it to the power source, and you would have to run the THHN wires individually because you’re outdoors. Planning this installation is an easy grid, but the actual installation would take up more hours than it should. If the THHN wires were bundled THHN together to match the project specifications, installation would take far less time.

Is Bundled THHN Building Wire the Right Choice?

THHN building wire is an adaptable product that’s useful for a wide range of commercial applications. Its resistance to heat and moisture make it ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications, and its cost-effectiveness makes it an attractive choice.

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