How We Manufacture Bundled Wiring

Every time an electrician tags and ties wire bundles, time is spent. Our bundled wire is a value-added solution designed to save time so that the electrician spends less time bundling on the job site. It has a broad array of applications in commercial construction. 

Here’s our step by step manufacturing bundled cable process, from wire selection to shipping:

Step 1: Selecting the Wire Type

The first step in the bundled cable manufacturing process is selecting the wire type. Our inventory includes THHN, SIS, XHHW, coax cable, and data cable. We can also combine different wire types into one bundle.

Step 2: Taking the Product to the Print Line

Once the product is selected, it is then measured and cut to customer specification, resulting in no excess wire on the job site. Each conductor then receives custom printing or striping according, again, to the customer’s specification. 

Step 3: Loading the Printed Reels onto the Payoff Tree

After the wire types are selected, measured, and printed to spec, they are then loaded onto the “payoff tree.” The size of the payoff tree is crucial for determining the size of the wire bundles. For example, our tree is capable of holding over 150 conductors per bundle. 

Step 4: Selecting the Right Reel for the Bundle

A reel is selected based on the overall cable diameter in order to properly protect the cable during handling and transit to the job site.

Step 5: Drawing the and Bundling the Conductors

Our bundler applies a special nylon harness onto the conductors that tightly holds them together. Our team is capable of assembling and producing the bundles in a variety of configurations including straight, staggered, breakout, spiral, twisted pairs, stack spool, and loose parallels. Additionally, we can add a small footage tape to the cable to facilitate easy measuring or cutting on the job site.

Step 6: Taking the Bundles to the Loading dock

Finally, the bundled cables are taken to the loading dock where they are loaded onto enclosed trucks and then shipped to our customers. 

With a single pull on a single reel, our bundled cable saves our customers on average over 40% in labor costs on their installations. It’s faster, safer, and easier than the alternative. Contact a One-Pull representative to learn more about how bundled cable can save costs, time, and space on your next project.

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