5 Innovative Automated Conveyor Systems Manufacturers

The global conveyor systems market was $5.23 billion in 2019, and is projected to reach $7.43 billion by 2027. That’s a compound annual growth rate of 4.6%. While historically the industrial and construction sectors have been the main drivers of conveyor system technology, the past few years have seen new demand in e-commerce, food and beverage, and pharmaceuticals.

Our bundled cable has an array of applications in the wiring for automated conveyor belt systems. Below we’ve highlighted 5 U.S. companies that are leading the charge in the manufacturing of automated conveyor belt systems.

1. Hytrol

Headquarters: Jonesboro, Arkansas
Founded: 1962

When you look at the top 5 industries driving the automated conveyor belt systems market, Hytrol is an industry leader in three of them: pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and manufacturing. A fourth specialty of Hytrol’s is e-commerce, which is one of the primary reasons the conveyor belts system industry is projected to grow over the coming years.

2. BEUMER Group

US Headquarters: Somerset, New Jersey
Founded: 1935

Bundled wiring helps expedite the process of getting the wire installed in material handling equipment, such as the type of equipment the BEUMER Group manufactures.

BEUMER Group has locations all over the world. They have 4,500 employees and have annual sales at over $1.1 billion. It’s not just BEUMER’s size that sets them apart, but also their specialties: whereas most of the conveyor industry is being driven by consumer packaged goods via e-commerce, BEUMER focuses heavily on the industrial sector. Mining, chemicals, cement, and ports are several examples they highlight.

3. Bastian Solutions

Headquarters: Indianapolis, Indiana
Founded: 1952

Bastian Solutions is one of the largest independent material handling integrators in the world, and they’re also a Toyota Advanced Logistics company. Bastian works with their customers’ specific needs to develop customize solutions. With every project and installation being unique, this is another use case where bundled cable would be a perfect time, material, and cost-saving value-added solution.

4. Dematic

Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia
Founded: 1819

Dematic is USA-grown global powerhouse in automated conveyor systems. Headquartered in Atlanta, they have 60 engineering facilities in 25 countries, employ more than 7,000 people, and have installed over 6,000 systems.

5. Key Technology, Inc

Headquarters: Walla Walla, Washington
Founded: 1948

Key Technology has a unique specialty: conveyor systems for food processors. Key aims to increase yield, efficiency, and profit for their customers with an expansive range of products for every use case. To fill every need a client may have, their conveyor belts work together from transport to sorting to packaging. They’ve even adapted their products to the needs of the pharmaceutical industry. With locations in Washington, Oregon, and California, Key Technology is a strong automated conveyor belt systems solution for the right project.

Most modern automated conveyor systems projects have one thing in common: their use cases aren’t exactly the same as anyone else’s. Like most industries in 2020, conveyor belt systems are adapting to meet new challenges. Bundled cable is sorted, bundled, labeled, and cut to meet the fast-changing needs of businesses and the machines that make them tick.

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