How Bundled Cable Helps Electrical Contractors Boost Margins

Here at One-Pull Wire Solutions, we’re known for technical innovation that helps electrical contractors reduce costs, save time, and improve productivity.

One-Pull manufactures custom bundled and labeled cables used extensively in industrial applications like conveyor belt systems and automated control wiring. Each cable bundle can incorporate up to 300 separate conductors, and each wire can be custom-labeled every two inches to simplify identification and termination.

Our One-Pull bundled cabling solutions can yield up to 40% in labor cost savings by reducing set-up, tagging, pulling times, and ring-out requirements. One-Pull bundled cables are also built to custom lengths to meet individual customer specifications, minimizing wire waste and excess customer inventory.

A Combination of Industry Leaders

In 2019, One-Pull acquired Quik-Pull, another leading custom cable manufacturer well-known to electrical contractors and distributors for its bundled cable solutions. As a result, our expanded product line now includes spiral configurations, insulated multi-conductor wire bundles, and custom tray cable (UL-listed for direct burial) — all available nationally through One-Pull’s distributor partners.

The Benefits of Bundled Cables

Bundled cables address a significant challenge electrical contractors often face on the job site. Single conductors must be pulled from individual spools, then tagged and taped together before pulling through conduit. In contrast, One-Pull’s bundled cable comes on single spools and is cut to the exact lengths specified for the job — speeding up the installation and reducing material waste.

Our bundled cables come in many configurations. The most common are:

Straight configurations — consist of individual conductors that can be broken out at intermediate points along the run. This configuration is generally used for #12 AWG wire sizes and above to minimize heat build-up. It works well for cable bundles used in trays, troughs, and other wire management systems that do not use conduit.

Spiral configurations — are commonly used for ‘home runs’ pulled through conduits or raceways. This configuration retains the cable’s roundness and flexibility through our equipment’s twisting capabilities, making it easier to pull cable over long distances and through conduit.

Staggered configurations — are optimal for wiring that must be broken out at particular points along the run. Staggered configuration bundles have all the breakouts measured, cut, and ready to be installed, eliminating the need to measure specific lengths and terminations on the job site.


Reducing Labor Costs with Custom Printing and Striping

Once pulled, terminating cable can be slow, painstaking work. Each conductor must be separately labeled, and contractors often have to test or ‘ring out’ each wire to ensure they’re terminating the right conductor.

One-Pull eliminates manual labeling and ring-out requirements by printing unique identifiers on each conductor. We use durable inkjet printing to affix alpha-numeric characters, symbols, words, and sentences on each wire.

Our printing is entirely customizable. Common options include conductor coding, technical print, standard numbering, and custom branding. Each conductor is marked every two inches, and print is available in black or high contrast bright white.

Striping is another way to help reduce termination labor costs. Striping helps to quickly identify conductors by differentiating the same color conductors through a visual inspection. Striping is available in multiple colors, including existing color codes like E1, E2, K1, and K2.

Striping may be applied as a linear tracer running parallel to the wire or in a spiral tracer stripe that wraps around the conductor as it runs along the length of the wire.

Short Lead Times for Busy Contractors

Time is a precious commodity for project managers, estimators, and electrical contractors. At One-Pull, our lead time target is five days or less — the shortest in the industry for custom cable bundles.

We know that the clock starts running when you pick up the phone. Our expert customer service team will quickly answer all of your questions and provide a same-day quote. And, when it comes to shipping, we’ll recommend cost-effective options to deliver your cable when and where you need it.

No Substitute for Experience

We’re proud of our low employee turnover, and many of our team members have been with us for over a decade. That experience, combined with an ongoing focus on updating our industry knowledge and technical expertise, ensures our team can serve as trusted advisors to our customers, whatever their requirements.

Here at One-Pull, we look forward to helping you choose the right bundled cable solutions to reduce your project costs and boost your productivity.

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